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Why do security/intelligence agencies not leave a harmless obc engineer alone

It would be interesting to analyze the mindset of the criminal officials posted in panaji, goa (they may or may not be goan) who are mercilessly torturing a harmless single woman obc engineer to cause her great pain.

The harmless woman being tortured is a law abiding citizen who has not broken any law and has never interacted with these officials in any way to offend or harm them so that revenge motive can be ruled out. If these officials will leave the obc engineer alone, do not stalk and torture her, they will still get a salary, are doing their duty and the obc engineer can do some work, contribute to the goan and indian economy.

However some powerful cruel officials posted in panaji,goa are ruthlessly stalking her to cause great pain so that she remains idle and does not do any work on the computer . These officials are torturing a law abiding citizen to cause great pain, a crime under section 323 and 324 of the indian penal code . These cowardly criminal officials are extremely persistent in torturing the harmless single woman not allowing her to use the computer for hours and punishing her causing great pain.

It becomes obvious that the officials in panaji goa are being bribed or offered some incentive to cause great pain to the obc engineer, so that she does not do any work. It is time that security agency officials are held accountable for the misuse of tax payer money to torture harmless civilians for corporate goals.