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Indian Security, intelligence agencies specialize in framing innocent people

India is one of the most corrupt and poorest countries in the world, because the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies specialize in framing innocent people, especially if they are bribed by powerful companies. A obc domain investor never faced any problem for transactions online with foreign customers and offline, most people she actually worked with, confirmed that she was an extremely honest person.

However large companies, allegedly google, tata and ntro officials started rewarding fraud people for making fake allegations against the obc engineer, without giving her a chance to defend herself, to ruin her professional and personal reputation. Now these fraud ntro, tata, google officials are expecting the obc engineer to accept/tolerate the fake allegations made against her by blackmailers who she never interacted with. If she will sell a product or service to indian customers, these indian customers like suraksha shetty are also encouraged to cheat her openly, knowing that google, tata will protect these frauds.

Being an educated person, why should the obc engineer tolerate the fake allegations made by blackmailers who are looking for quick money and she has no interaction with at all. If she is given the names, address of these people she will file a case of extortion and defamation, how companies and officials are keeping the names of blackmailers confidential, yet using mind reading, voice to skull technology to torture her.