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Officials, companies treating customers like servants

The top officials in the indian internet sector have a major attitude problem and they treat customers who spend thousands of dollars like their servants in their homes who they can treat badly and exploit endlessly. These officials judge a person especially a woman exclusively according to her appearance, fashion style, verbal skills and her ability to drive a vehicle.
There are many well paid jobs, where appearance, verbal skills do not matter and there are many famous people who have not learned to drive a vehicle due to factors beyond their control, for example the current finance minister of India according the media reports. At a young age, they could not afford a vehicle or have time to learn it, at a later age, when a person is wealthy driving a vehicle can be risk.

However these extremely powerful officials are also very rigid and inflexible in judging a person, and refuse to understand the other side of the story. If a person is not of the same social class, of a lower social class these officials will ruthlessly cheat, defame, exploit and harass the person for years, even if the person is a loyal customer spending a large amount with them.

These officials and their associates will shamelessly lie to their customer, deny the person the information he or she has repeatedly asked for. They will blindly believe all the defamatory allegations against the customer without proof and help spread the false stories. Any person who will cheat the customer like siddhi mandrekar, riddhi, nayanshree hathwar, sunaina will be rewarded with great powers, and powerful officials will falsely claim that these frauds have the impressive resume of the customers, own the assets of their customers.

These officials and their associates do not think that there is anything wrong in taking the hard earned money of their customer and betraying, exploiting her in the worst possible manner, introducing their lazy fraud friends and relatives as the customer to other internet and other companies. Their attitude towards their customers is exactly the same as that of upper middle class families towards their servants, exploit endlessly to the extent possible knowing that the servant will find it difficult to get help.

However these companies and officials do not realize that unlike the uneducated servant, the customer has a choice and can change their vendor anytime they feel like.