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Intelligence agencies making rules to suit their friends and relatives

A clear example of the increasing intolerance in India today is the way people who are not good looking are being defamed without proof, cheated, exploited and tortured. The intelligence and security agencies are cunningly using the appearance of the individual as the sole criteria for judging the education level, income and wealth of a person which is extremely unfair.

The education, income and wealth of a person depends to a large extent on the intelligence, hard work, honesty, work ethic of the individual, not solely on his or her appearance, except in certain fields like the entertainment sector , hospitality, fashion for modelling or call girls. Large companies may also prefer to hire people who are tall, good looking and well groomed, however to label an ugly person who is not well groomed as being an uneducated cheater is a clear case of discrimination

. However the intelligence, security agency officials at the top levels are mainly brahmin and due to hereditary factors they usually are good looking, with a fair skin, good complexion and are well groomed. So they are making rules that a person is to be judged only on the basis of his or her appearance, social network, the actual qualification, income, experience, assets of the person do not matter at all.

The problem is particularly severe in panaji, goa as a single woman obc engineer finds that the corrupt security and intelligence agencies are falsely claiming that 8-9 lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced fraud women have her impressive resume to give these frauds lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW, just because these fraud women are well connected and are better looking compared to the obc engineer.

When will indian intelligence and security agencies be professional, honest and acknowledge the fact that being goodlooking or well connected does not make a housewife, sex bribe giver an experienced engineer overnight