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Government only harasses women who become angry when they are molested, does not take action against male molestors who are sexually harassing women intentionally

In a clear indication of the extreme sexual harassment that the domain investor faces, she was intentionally molested in panaji, only to make her angry
Then when she becomes angry , the officials comment on her health
It reflects the worsening status of educated women in India, that the government refuses to take any action against the male molestor who sexually harassed her, only is commenting on her health because she became angry when she was molested by the maroon shirted panaji pervert. Most women become angry when they are molested, some casino employees also filed police cases when they were molested in panaji

Maroon shirted tall pervert with grey backpack x360 molesting women in panaji, goa , brushing their back when they are making payment
This is a fraud alert to warn women in panaji that a maroon shirted pervert with a grey backpack x360 written on it in large letters in running amok in panaji, goa, molesting women, brushing against them intentionally so that his associates can photoshop the cctv footage to ruin the reputation of the woman
The latest molestation incident of the man took place at a retail store/supermarket in panaji, with four counters for shoppers
The x360 backpack panaji pervert was asked by his associate to intentionally molest the domain investor at the supermarket in panaji, market
the x360 backpack pervert only purchased some kerala banana chips chips yet clearly his main intention was molesting the domain investor by brushing against her back while was at the payment counter . The most convenient way to reach the kerala banana chips section was a different route, yet since the man only wanted to sexually harass the domain investor, he intentionally took the route
So at around 5 pm on 8 november 2019, the tall maroon shirted pervert, took advantage of the fact that the domain investor was busy making payment , to brush against her back, molesting her
the backpack had different shades of grey and x360 written on it
Then he sent another person to brush against the back of the domain investor,
this time the domain investor noticed the person coming to molest her again, and told that man to take the proper route to the store, the second molester was upset that he could not molest, and said what do you think you are
The domain investor does not like going shopping mainly because of the regular incidents of molestation in panaji which she faces, yet google, tata hysterically make fake allegations of black money if the money is not spent daily
Anyone who has more details of this x360 backpack carrying male molester, please send details to