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An Apartment Complex That Has It All

I am a really active person. I am cooped up in my apartment all day long working, so I want to go out and have some fun when I can call it a day. The only bad thing about that before was that there was not a lot to do, so I would end up just walking around the block a lot. When I looked at a one bedroom unit at the Regency complex, I knew that I was going to move there because of all the things that are there to do.

First off, there is a huge pool. I had not been swimming in years, so that was definitely appealing to me. Also, there is a health club right there on the premises, which meant I would no longer have to have a costly membership to the one that I had belonged to for a few years. What is even better is that this health club on the site has everything I could possibly need. I was worried that maybe it was just a few pieces of equipment since it is basically a freebie for the residents who live here.

My favorite thing though is the location. I love to ride my bike, but I was never able to do that without a lot of planning before because where I lived was just too congested. Here though, I have access to biking paths that are gorgeous, fun and challenging, all rolled into one. There are so many other things that make this the best place ever, but those are my top three reasons for wanting to move here. It also helps that since moving here, I have started dating someone who lives just a few doors down, and I honestly think she may be the one! My dreams are coming true here!