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Tata, google, NTRO, CBI claim only SEX workers, married women are human beings in India

In a clear indication of sexual exploitation of women in the indian internet sector, cruel animal like fraud tata, google, NTRO, CBI are allegedly involved in the most terrible human rights abuses, frauds on single women who do not offer SEX bribes to them, or are not married, labelling them as animals because they are single and living alone to commit the most terrible human rights abuses on them.
kindness , honesty, humanity does not matter to the indian government only having SEX with government officials in CBI, NTRO, security agencies, google, tata matters, any lazy greedy cruel fraud having SEX daily with CBI, tata, NTRO employees is the only criteria for kindness, humanity for the cowardly animal like NTRO officials who are quick to label women who are not single as animals to stalk and torture them for years . May be the indian government can officially declare that women who do not have sex and not married are not human for indian government records. so that single women can take action accordingly to evade the endless atrocities , denial of fundamental rights to privacy and to earn a fair living