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Cunning fraud NTRO Officials will only harass to a limit

The cunning crooked google, tata , ntro officials will only harass a harmless single woman obc engineer, india’s largest female domain investor, to a certain limit, as long as they can remain undetected, they do not have the courage to do anything that can be considered as concrete proof.
For example they have blocked the website only on Idea, which uses bandwidth from tata/VSNL.
The browser seamonkey is completely hacked and most websites cannot be accessed
Hotmail cannot be opened on any browser at all.
They do not have the courage to get an official DOT notification because the domain investor will protest loudly and get publicity for the harassment she is facing.
Similarly they are threatening to block the savings of the obc engineer for the last 6 years, though they have no proof at all, only to create an atmosphere of fear, create tension, and force her to make mistakes
These officials are cunning frauds, harassing to the maximum extent possible to cause losses, and also ensure that they will not be caught.