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Instead of JNU, BJP MLA Gyanchand Ahuja should check ntro campus

The BJP MLA Gyanchand Ahuja has become famous online overnight for his research on the JNU campus, researching the junk being discarded and he claimed that he was scandalized. However the JNU students are private citizens free to do whatever they feel like, and the BJP mla would be serving the country better if he carried out his investigation at the ntro campus to check the SEX BRIBE CULTURE widely prevalent at ntro, resulting in wastage of Indian tax payer money.
The ntro officials are becoming notorious worldwide for accepting sex bribes from lazy greedy inexperienced mediocre young women and then falsely claiming that these greedy lazy young women, half their age, are domain investors, paypal account holders and were their btech 1993 EE classmate to get these sex bribe giving women lucrative permanent raw/cbi jobs.
If the BJP MLA Gyanchand Ahuja is honest about ending the sleaze in indian life, he should first target government officials, especially in indian intelligence and security agencies like ntro who often are wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money so that they can enjoy FREE SEX with greedy lazy fraud women RAW/CBI employees instead of looking into national security matters