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Major Gift fraud on Indian Paypal account holders

It appears that the cunning dishonest intelligence and security agencies managed to frame a large number of Indian paypal account holders, forcing them to close their Indian Paypal account and using a foreign Paypal account for the goals of large corporates who wanted to acquire talent and technology cheaply.
Anyone with a paypal account and a foreign relative was falsely accused of money laundering, without any proof, these fraud powerful officials falsely claimed that the paypal revenues were gifts from foreign relatives and friends when actually the paypal account holder was providing services or selling a product to customers worldwide.
Now some indian webhosting companies are refusing to accept payment from indian customers using cheque or bank transfer, they are insisting on Paypal payment though they know that paypal cannot be used for payment by Indian customers to indian sellers.
They are claiming that indian customers are paying using paypal though they know that it is not legally possible.

Allegedly a number of indian paypal account holders succumbed to the gift fraud of indian intelligence and security agencies and no longer control their Paypal account, so others are also expected to use foreign paypal account