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For indian intelligence agencies, facts do not matter

Though Indian intelligence, security agencies are extremely powerful in India they behave in an extremely unscientific, irrational manner and the facts do not matter at all. They judge a person almost exclusively on his or her appearance, verbal communication skills, body language and refuse to make allowances for the fact that people are different and it is not correct to generalize.
The appearance of a person depends to a large extent on genetic or hereditary factors, family background which cannot be controlled, verbal communication skills also depend on hereditary factors and nature of the person and body language depends on the social background. These intelligence and security agency officials are extremely arrogant, rigid and refuse to admit the fact that they made a mistake.

Officials like to boast that India is a modern country, science and technology is based on facts, yet the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies behave like uneducated villagers a thousand years ago, making up false claims to defame an innocent person without any proof, which are entirely a figment of their imagination. These officials then expect the innocent person to make great sacrifices just because they have defamed her.