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Why are security agencies not questioning the mental health of 5000-7000 angry Wistron Iphone factory workers?

Like the angry 5000-7000 Wistron Iphone factory workers who ransacked the factory, causing losses of Rs 50 crore, because they had not been paid for a few months, the single woman domain investor owning this website is also protesting because she is not paid for the last ten years, and raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their employees own her domains, without paying any money for domain renewals

People who are cheated usually get angry, and sometimes resort to violence.Yet when the workers ransacked the Wistron iphone factory, the indian mainstream media, government does not question their mental age, or mental health,

only when the single woman domain investor is protesting against non-payment for ten years, to cover up their labor law violations, financial fraud, the cunning liar security, ntro, raw, cbi employees like greedy gujju stock broker asmita patel are questioning her mental health and mental age for getting angry

When non-payment of dues is the main reason for all the protests, why is the mental health of the single woman only questioned, not the workers who resorted to violence?