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Lavish lifestyle of goan gsb domain fraudster diploma holder government employee siddhi mandrekar

The powerful fraud dishonest friends, relatives, lovers, associates of goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar like to falsely claim that she owns expensive domain names, to justify the great powers she has got and the wastage of tax payer money paying her a salary. However in reality the lazy greedy cunning siddhi mandrekar does not spend a single rupee on domain names, though she can easily afford to if she was honest enough. A look at her lavish lifestyle
– visit to mumbai in February
– dinner out at expensive restaurants regularly where a meal will cost rs 400- 500 per person
– holidays at the beach
– purchasing a new car costing at least Rs 3 lakh
– regular outings with friends to discos

On the other hand, india’s largest female domain investor, a obc single woman engineer, whose domains the shameless lazy greedy goan gsb fraud government employee siddhi mandrekar falsely claims to own has to lead a very frugal life to pay the huge domain renewal bills for the domain names of more than Rs 1.5 lakh yearly which she actually owns, she cannot afford to go out for dinner to a restaurant often, purchase new clothes, or travel.
Yet the indian government refuses to acknowledge the fact that the obc single woman engineer is actually the largest female domain investor and continues to believe in the complete lies of the shameles fraud ntro, intelligence, security agency officials promoting siddhi mandrekar and other frauds, who do not even check the whois details to verify domain name ownership.

When will indian government officials learn to acknowledge the domain investment made by female domain investors, instead of defaming them, and falsely claiming that the domain names belong to the lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives of these government officials dt