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Shooting in California and misplaced priorities

The latest shooting in California was another of the many shootings that have taken place this year and reflects the misplaced priorities of powerful intelligence and security agency officials worldwide. Domain investors and webmasters who only want to make some money for their expenses are under extreme surveillance for more than 5 years, without any proof, as intelligence and security agency officials make wild allegations which are a figment of their imagination without being questioned.
On the other hand people who cause great trouble, loss of life like the california shooting couple have complete privacy and are able to plan and carry out their deathly deeds without being monitored. Planning the shoot out took a lot of time and resources yet no intelligence or security agency official questioned the couple regarding their plans so that the deaths could be averted.
On the other hand, harmless domain investors, Paypal account holders, find that hysterical paranoid security and intelligence agency officials are monitoring them 24X7 for more than 5 years, without any proof at all to justify the wastage of tax payer money. These officials have allegedly been bribed by google, tata and other corporates to make fake allegations without proof just because the domain investor is a link seller posing competition to google adwords.

The harmless domain investor finds that NSA, NTRO, security and intelligence agency officials are tracking every activity online and offline wasting resources. These officials should review whether they should let corporates like google,tata determine who is a security threat or rely on the accurate field information to determine who is the real trouble maker to prevent further California type shooting