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Indian Government refuses to question the GREEDY LIAR madhya pradesh government on its EXTORTION racket since 2010 to indore CHEATER raw employee deepika monthly salary

One of the best indications of the lack of honesty and humanity of top government employees is how the indian government is allowing the GREEDY LIAR madhya pradesh government to continue with its extortion racket since 2010 on a harmless single woman engineer to get indore’s top cheater housewife deepika/veena a monthly government salary FAKING her resume, savings, domain ownership, paypal, bank account

The EXTORTIONIST LIAR indore officials/leaders are making 100% fake allegations of security threat, cheating, black money without any legally valid proof since 2010. The domain investor is mainly at at home, does not interact with many people, she does not own a vehicle, so there is no way she can cheat or harm anyone , yet the indian government is blindly repeating the lies of the GREEDY CUNNING CHEATER indore officials/leaders running india’s greatest EXTORTION RACKET, ONLINE FRAUD since 2010.

due to the reduction of online advertising rates, the domain investor is making a great loss and is using her savings for personal expenses, yet the GREEDY SHAMELESS LIAR indore officials/leaders continue their 100% FAKE allegations of black money, so that indore’s most SHAMELESS GREEDY CHEATER housewife raw employe deepika/veena can get a monthly government salary for FAKING domain ownership, bank account, resume and online income, in a major government SLAVERY, financial fraud since 2010.