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Why are ntro employees not circulating photos of their relatives, sisters, girlfriends

In 2013 itself people,including classmates were commenting on the cruelty of circulating videos, photos of a single woman, a private citizen without her permission to strangers all over the country, after providing them information about her savings.
These people told the engineer, that it is very dangerous for a single woman to have her photos, videos circulated all over india, world, she is more likely to be attacked

However the cruel fraud ntro employees led by the brahmin cheater puneet, j srinivasan and others , were so selfish and animal like, that they refused to acknowledge that they involved in sexual harassment, human rights abuses and continued with their harassment for more than 5 years
Only after the ntro banking fraud is exposed, the google competitor is questioning the other atrocities, like memory reading, circulating videos, photos of a harmless private citizen ,because till the memory theft ends she will never lead a normal life

When the ntro employees do not circulate photos,videos and steal the memory of their daughters, wives, mothers, sisters , on what basis are they circulating the photos, videos of the google competitor for more than 8 years without her permission , ruining her life