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When brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet has never communicated with google competitor, on what basis are R&AW hiring employees

The google competitor is an experienced engineer who was treated well by almost everyone who knew her professionally, Even after 18 years they are willing to acknowlege her, yet in a very great fraud R&AW and cbi are hiring employees based on fake claims of fraud ntro employees like puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, vijay who falsely claim to know her, when they have never communicated with her in the last twenty or more years and are unlikely to do so

The cheater puneet has systematically destroyed the reputation of the engineer, stalking her, circulating photos, videos, spreading rumors, falsely claiming to know her, faking help , yet R&AW is blindly believing the lies of the brahmin cheater puneet and hiring employees like nayanshree, ruchika, veena, siddhi based on the completely fake claims without verifying the claims, information professionally

There are many others who know the engineer very well, h compared to the brahmin fraud puneet, they have called her home, provided information, while the status conscious brahmin liar puneet has never interacted with the engineer in any way for the last twenty years , has not provided any information intentionally , so on what basis are R&AW/cbi hiring employees based on the fake claims of brahmin liar puneet, others like vijay, j srinivasan, parmar, patel