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Why is brahmin fraud NTRO employee j srinivasan not using the real resume, investment of the goan bhandari prostitute sunaina chodan he got a R&AW job

One of the greatest frauds of the indian and goan government is how the BRAHMIN FRAUD NTRO employee j srinivasan, with puneet and others is allowed to run amok with his fake stories about his favorite goan bhandari panaji prostitute sunaina chodan 2013 bsc who he has got a R&AW job falsely claiming that the google, tata supplied goan call girl was his btech 1993 ee classmate when BRAHMIN FRAUD ntro employee j srinivasan’s favorite SEX worker was not born in 1989 to give 1989 jee, and get a btech 1993 ee degree
Why is the indian government not asking their powerful fraud employees like j srinivasan, puneet , vijay, parmar, patel to be honest about the resume, investment, skills of their girlfriends like sunaina, siddhi, riddhi, naina, veena, asmita.
For example j srinivasan should be honest that his darling goan call girl sunaina\
– has a 2013 bsc from goa university
– almost no work experience
– has google, tata employees as pimps
– has sex with some of the most powerful indian government employees. who are very happy with sunaina’s sex services
– is not interested in doing any work online, investing any money online
– a very powerful ntro employee j srinivasan is madly in love with sunaina, and is willing to break all rules

When j srinivasan is making fake claims he is defaming his classmate and committing a fraud under section 420 of the indian penal code.