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Brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet goes to any length to defend his endless frauds and lies

When his lazy greedy cheater girlfriends nayanshree hathwar,siddhi mandrekar, deepika, ruchika , asmita patel, sunaina, and others were not willing to pay any money for the domain names and not interested in working online, brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet, like j srinivasan should have asked their girlfriends to leave and use thier own resume, investment, if they were honest and really cared.
Instead he continued to abuse his powers, and dupe people that his girlfriends especially brahmin crook nayanshree hathwar, bhandari sex worker sunaina who never did any work online, were doing work online, denying the google competitor the income and opportunity she deserved, defaming, cheating and exploiting her in the worst possible manner.
So the google competitor was forced to work as a slave, with the shameless cruel fraud shivalli brahmins blocking her payment , stealing orders and then falsely claiming that their lazy cheater relative was working online, when brahmin fraud nayanshree relaxing and enjoying herself