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No valid reason why google competitor should allow NTRo employees lazy greedy sex worker, fraud girlfriends to take credit

One of the greatest frauds of google, tata, cbi, ntro is how they expect the google competitor to keep quiet when the section 420 fraud NTRo employees give their lazy greedy sex worker, fraud girlfriends who do no work and do not invest any money online credit and a monthly indian government salary ayt her her expense .
The ntro employees who claim to be honest saints should be honest enough to admit that their lazy greedy girlfriends like sunaina, siddhi are too busy having SEX with them, looking after their house , they do not have the time or inclination to do any work online, invest any money online
The fact that ntro employees are making fake claims can be proved checking bank details, tax records
As long as the savings, resume of the google competitor are stolen, she has a legally valid reason to expose the great tata,google goan government sex, resume theft racket which is causing great financial and other losses, like loss of privacy.