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My Parents Have Moved Here!

My father was a coal miner in Pennsylvania for most of his adult life. We were all so happy when he was able to retire, because it was a very hard job. He told my mom that when he did retire, he wanted to look at apartments Alamo Heights because retirement would not mean much if they were not around family. I am their only daughter, and my husband and I have lived here in San Antonio for nearly 15 years. We have four children, and I knew my folks wanted to dote on their only grandchildren.

Our house is really close to The Niche apartment complex, and I knew that my folks would love it there. It is close enough to the house that the kids could walk over there if they wanted. I had never been there myself, but I went online and looked at some pictures of the apartments there, and I really liked what I saw. I emailed the link to my mom so she could see them too, and she told me that it would be perfect for them.

They are only interested in a one bedroom apartment because they will just stay at our house if my husband and I go on any overnight trips, and they don’t need a lot of room on their own. They have been here many times through the years, so we all knew that they would really like it here. It was even simpler than we thought it would be for them to sell their house and get one of the one bedroom units here, and the move went pretty easy too. Now that they are here, I have no idea how I have gone so long without having my parents within walking distance. I never want us or them to live far apart from each other again.