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I Was in a Financial Pitfall

I have seen a lot of ads in local papers about how easy it is to file bankruptcy on my own. I knew that I could pay a couple hundred dollars this way, and my financial woes were supposed to just disappear. Somehow, that just did not seem possible to me. Bankruptcy is too complicated to trust it to something like this, which is why I went online and did a search for a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney. I had no experience in this at all, so I wanted someone who knew exactly what he or she was doing to help me.

When I saw Amerio Law Firm, I went to their website and was able to read about Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as Chapter 13 bankruptcy. These are the two most common bankruptcies that are filed, but there are other kinds too. Even though they explained a good bit about it, I knew that I needed to talk with them in person because each case is different. I had no idea which kind I should file, and I was happy to see that they offer a free consultation to even see if bankruptcy is the right path to go down.

Sometimes, it is the only answer for a person who is experiencing financial hardship. However, it can also be the wrong choice since there are other options available too. As it turned out, it was the right choice for me, because there was just no way I could dig myself out of my financial pitfall on my own. The attorney who helped me was very gracious and professional, and quite knowledgeable about bankruptcy too. I know that I would have made the wrong choices if I had listened to the plea in that newspaper ad. Instead, I am on my way to financial freedom!