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All content exposing online fraud, atrocities labelled as spam

In an indication of the high levels of casteism and intolerance ,in the brahmin dominated indian internet sector all online content exposing the endless frauds of the shameless top intelligence and security agency officials has been labelled as spam by the cunning fraud brahmin mafia which controls most content in India .

These cunning shameless extremely greedy officials are completely devoid of honesty and want to falsely claim that their lazy greedy sex partners, fraud housewife relatives and other cheater friends, who are actually not doing any work, are working online to waste indian tax payer money, paying these frauds a salary. They will also want to force the domain investor to sell the websites to get quick money,However they will not be interested in selling, if most of the websites are having news of their sex, cheating scandals, as the content will remain online in case of a sale.

If the content is on non controversial topics these fraud officials and their lazy cheater associates like nayanshre hathwar, can get credit, a R&AW salary, and the officials will find it easier to sell the websites, without their fraud being exposed. For example these officials are falsely claiming that the content for gardening related websites is provided by fraud shivalli brahmin housewife R&AW employee nayanshree, though the crooked pampered R&AW employee has not contributed a single word to the websites of the domain investor she cheated.

This is in contrast to almost all newspapers, magazines which carry comprehensive news of dalit unrest and how badly dalits are treated in India. These papers have several pages of news on atrocities on dalits, women. That is why the internet is no longer considered to be a reliable source of information online, as indian website owners are censored and told not to have any news of atrocities, online frauds, casteism, nepotism in India