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Exposing the fraud of ntro official j srinivasan

The cunning fraud ntro employee j srinivasan was involved in a major online fraud which few people are aware of . he, google, tata cunningly and falsely started claiming that his beloved lazy greedy goan obc bhandari sex queen bsc sunaina was doing all the work online to get her a government job, when sex queen sunaina was not doing any work online at all.
When the btech 1993 EE classmate of the ntro fraud j srinivasan realized that government, google, tata officials having SEX with goan obc sex goddess government employee were defaming her and falsely claim that their sex partner sunaina, who has sex with top officials, owned her business, paypal account, domain names, she started clarifying online so that people were not duped by the goan obc sex goddess sunaina and her powerful associates.

However the shameless cunning ntro fraud j srinivasan and other sex partners of the lazy greedy goan obc sex goddess government employee sunaina, came with a new story to cover up their SEX FRAUD. These sex maniac tata, google, ntro, government employees having SEX with sex goddess sunaina are now falsely claiming that the obc engineer will not be able to get any person to work for her, because she is not giving their goan obc bhandari LAZY GREEDY SEX PARTNER slim jeans clad sunaina credit.

when goan obc bhandari sex queen government employee sunaina is only interested in having SEX with tata, google, ntro and other government officials, and least interested in doing any work online, why is the obc bhandari engineer expected to give sunaina credit for work she does not do. Allegedly after sex wih so many powerful men, the goan obc sex queen government employee sunaina is extremely tired, does not want to any work online, only watch tv, yet the sex maniac government officials continue to falsely claim that their sex partner sunaina is working online.

Puneet is another fraud government employee who falsely claim that the obc spectacle wearing indore housewife, veena, siddhi mandrekar, ruchika, asmita patel, who has never registered a domain name, is a domain investor, paypal account holder to get her a government job with a monthly salary, at the expense of the real domain investor,