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Love life of goan gsb fraud raw employee sidhi gadkar

Like a tv serial, now this blog will feature episodes on the love life of the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud raw employee diploma holder sidhi gadkar. The active love life of goan gsb fraud raw employee sidhi gadkar should be of interest not only to other raw and intelligence agencies in India, foreign intelligence agencies like CIA, ISI, Mossad, Chinese intelligence would also be interested in knowing the latest in the life of a young woman who some of india’s most powerful men in intelligence and security agencies sleep with.

Though raw employee sidhi gadkar has relatively less knowledge, experience and poor work ethic, in a short span of time she has become the favorite of some of the most famous companies in the tech and internet sector allegedly google, paypal and tata because of her complete lack of morals in commiting corporate espionage, cheating, lies, her powerful fraud friends and relatives working in cbi, raw, ntro like nayak, mandrekar, puneet, who specialize in stealing impressive resume for the mediocre fraud raw employee sidhi gadkar, and her extremely powerful LOVERS who most indian internet companies blindly believe in.

Though the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud sidhi gadkar does not invest a single rupee in domain names, her powerful fraud friends, relatives and LOVERS working in intelligence and security agencies are experts in defaming without proof, cheating, exploiting, innocent harmless domain investors so that the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud sidhi gadkar gets a lot of powers, lucrative raw jobs and money at the expense of the poor domain investors who are getting nothing. These powerful shameless ntro officials like puneet are great HYPOCRITES who will defend all the frauds, cheating, black money of their darling sidhi gadkar because she offers SEX BRIBES to powerful men.

The ‘sidhi gadkar love life diaries’ should also help any other lazy greedy inexperienced young women who wishes to get a Raw job only offering sex bribes to powerful men