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Politicians, top officials ignoring anger, resentment, injustice will face the consequences

Many of the problems faced in universities across India, states like Gujarat, Haryana are because the politicians and top officials are ignoring the anger, resentment and injustice of people who are being exploited, cheated for the personal gain of the relatives and friends of the top officials and politicians to a lesser extent.
Till a decade ago, top level exploitation, injustice was relatively rare, top ntro officials would not be audacious SHAMELESS FRAUDS, falsely claiming that this website, domain names, and associated paypal account belonged to their lazy greedy sex bribe giving cheater, housewife friends and relatives to get all these mediocre lazy greedy frauds lucrative RAW/CBI jobs at the expense of the real domain investor. In India in 2016, indian government employees are shameless frauds, liars who can make complete fake claims without any proof, and get permanent government jobs in raw/cbi for their mediocre inexperienced fraud friends and relatives, with fake resumes.

It is extremely unfair for an experienced single woman engineer to find that her shameless FRAUD btech 1993 EE classmates working in ntro are falsely claim that 8-9 lazy greedy inexperienced SEX BRIBE GIVING, HOUSEWIFE, CHEATER RAW/CBI EMPLOYEES have her impressive resume to get all these frauds a lucrative RAW/CBI salary for doing nothing. Additionally the criminal relatives and friends of these fraud raw/cbi employees are torturing the harmless obc single woman engineer daily with sophisticated directed energy or radiation weapons causing great pain.

Why dont these shameless FRAUD NTRO OFFICIALS puneet, vijay, j srinivasan honestly tell the RAW/CBI HR department we are infatuated with these lazy greedy mediocre fraud women, so please give them permanent RAW/CBI jobs, why falsely claim that these fraud women were their btech 1993 EE classmate, own their classmates investment to deny their classmate a fair deal. Why divert the correspondence of their btech 1993 EE classmate, including emails, phone calls, to the fraud raw/cbi employees making it difficult for her to work offline.

This ntro impersonation, sex bribe fraud has been well documented online, there may be many other similar instances of exploitation, cheating and the victim of the fraud finds it difficult to get any justice, while the ntro, raw, cbi officials who are shameless liars and cheaters remain unpunished, continue to get their salary and great powers while remaining anonymous. If the indian government would officially state that indian intelligence and security agency officials have the license to CHEAT AND LIE WITHOUT BEING PUNISHED, people would be more accepting, why falsely claim that officials are honest when they are actually the greatest section 420 FRAUDS IN INDIA.