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Patronizing attitude towards women

One of the main problems faced by women in the Indian internet sector remains the extremely patronizing attitude of officials towards women, especially those who are not young, good looking or westernized. These powerful officials will openly ridicule the ugly or non westernized women, calling them “kamwalis” or maidservants who work in their homes. These officials think that education in India is reserved only for good looking fashionable women .

The woman may be highly educated, wealthy, financially independent, yet the top officials in indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely regressive and narrow minded in their approach toward ugly and non westernized women. These officials refuse to accept the fact that an educated woman professional like a engineer has a choice in terms of clothes she wishes to wear and appearance, they will blindly classify her as a maidservant just because she is not westernized, goodlooking or fashionable enough.

This has become a clear indication that india has become more intolerant and irrational in the last decades, especially in the last few years for women, just because an educated woman is not comfortable in westernized clothes like jeans, why do prejudiced powerful officials classify her as an uneducated person to harass, defame, cheat her. A decade ago, India was far more tolerant towards women who wore indian clothes.

In the indian internet sector, the problem is particularly severe as officials will ruthlessly exploit a single woman engineer, domain investor if she is not westernized enough, falsely claiming that the domains belong to their westernized friends and relatives .
In panaji, goa the cbi, ntro, R&AW officials take a lot of effort to ensure that their microchipped maidservants will stalk the single woman obc engineer, domain investor, wasting tax payer money, whenever she will leave the house to visually reinforce their opinion of her, that they treat her as a kamwali bai because she is not fashionable enough.