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Can indian and state governments explain why fraud R&AW/cbi employees are not using their own resume, savings?

In India, almost everyone is using their own resume, savings while getting jobs and for other purposes, it is the LEGALLY CORRECT way

Yet in a clear case of indian and state government fraud on a single woman bhandari engineer, domain investor, google competitor, as many as 10 google, tata sponsored call girl sunaina, siddhi, school dropout naina, , cheater housewife riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar, document robber veena, deepika and other fraud raw/cbi employees refuse to use their own resume, savings, and shamelessly, falsely claim to have the resume including btech 1993 ee degree, savings of a google competitor to get a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the google competitor in a major financial fraud, defamation, exploitation dr

Can the indian and state government explain why the shameless liar raw/cbi employees are not using their own resume as school dropouts, call girls, document robbers, cheater housewives and frauds, why they are falsely claiming to have a btech 1993 ee degree, own domains of a private citizen