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Getting Home Security in Tampa

I was so happy when my husband retired. He had a harder time at first because he thought he would miss work too much. That lasted maybe two weeks, then he began enjoying retirement as much as I was. We ended up selling our home in New York about six months later and moved to Tampa to be closer to our two children and their families. My husband was insistent upon finding out if there was ADT in Tampa. I told him I thought there was, because it is a national company.

When our two daughters found out that was a deal breaker, they did not understand. They told us that where we were going to be moving to was completely safe. Their father was disappointed over their attitudes, and that made him realize that no matter how old they get, they will need their father’s wisdom. I actually agreed with him, because crime does not have any barriers. Victims can be rich or poor, city dwellers or country folk, young or old, or in other words, any of us can be a victim at any time. My husband always does his best to prepare against that, which is why he wanted ADT in Tampa.

Thankfully, they had it. I knew he would have moved there anyway, but I was glad that we did not have to use another security company because ADT truly is the best of the best. We had our system installed in our new Tampa house before we even moved in, and my husband had one installed in each of our daughters’ homes too. They wanted to pay for it, but he told them it was our gift to them. Their gift to us would be to let us have the grandchildren whenever we wanted them, so that is a fair trade off!