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I Have a Really Good Girlfriend

Of course my mother loves Trina and so she is keen to help me with this, but I am not sure that her suggestion is appropriate since we have not been going out all that long. I met this girl when I went to see a Peoria chiropractors. I have known her about seven months, but the actual dating has only been going on for about half that long. It did not start out so quickly since I was in grad school. At any rate my mom is in a hurry for grandchildren and she adores Trina. So she wants me to give her a pearl choker that used to belong to my great grandfather. This thing is both an antique and very expensive. My mom has it insured for a small fortune. In fact she and her sister are not all that on the up and up over this. My aunt really wanted to get this in the inheritance. It is a serious thing when they talk about it and they are both upset over the fight.

If it were up to me, then I would take this thing to the nearest jeweler and sell it for as much as I could get for it. However I suspect that it would be a real screw up on my taxes. that is something that I do not want to deal with. However you are not going to get where you can be sure of that working out too well. It is a good thing that we are not going to get into that I guess and it is going to be a great thing if I actually decide to give the thing to Trina. She would obviously love it, but it would probably say something that tI am not ready to say just yet. Obviously this would be a very serious gift.