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bookmark_borderUnlike NTRO, NSA does not circulate videos, photos of Mathew Klein or other domain investors

Since 2010, allegedly bribed by google, tata, NTRO, the indian equivalent of NSA has wasted a huge amount of indian tax payer money to put a harmless domain investor, google competitor under surveillance, taking photos, making videos, circulating them, just because she has registered more than 500 domain names.It clearly indicates the misplaced priorities of NTRO, that they are wasting so many resources to put a harmless citizen under surveillance, circulate photos and videos. In the USA there are many domain investors like Mathew Klein who have more than 50000 domain names for trading, however NSA and the US government does not put Matthew Klein under surveillance or circulate his photos, videos , denying him his privacy.
In an interview Mathew Klein has openly admitted that is considered a notorious cheapskate ( marwadi in indian terms), yet the security agencies do not label him a security threat or steal his savings without a court order or legally valid reason. Indians imitate US citizens in their clothes, fashion, lifestyle, when will the indian security agencies , NTRO adopt the tolerant american attitude towards investing in domains, instead of hysterically making fake claims without any proof at all, to deny harmless domain investors their fundamental rights.

bookmark_borderTimes of India carries news of ungratefulness, lack of manners, complaint of celebrities, other indians complaining are labelled as security threat

Times of India considered the news of the actor Rishi Kapoors comments on the lack of manners of the younger generation when they did not come to the funeral of the actor Vinod Khanna , to be a newsworthy item, however when a google competitor, domain investor will complain of similar or far worse behaviour of the relatives, friends and sex partners of top CBI, NTRO, security and intelligence employees, the harmless google competitor is mercilessly stalked, tortured causing great pain and labelled a security threat without a court order or legally valid reason .
It highlights the great double standards and hypocrisy of indian society and the media in particular, how rude and dishonest behavior is acceptable and rewarded by those with great powers in India