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Google should face the consequences of the SEX, cheating fraud

Google is very careful about its reputation and wants the competitor whose resume has been stolen to keep quiet , so that google’s reputation is not affaected, Howewever google has got all its associates R&AW/CBi/indian intelligence jobs with fake resume, fake investment, fake work at the expense of the google competitor and all of them are getting a monthly salary from the indian government, while the google competitor has got nothing, because of the resume theft.
Additionally the fraud officials associated with google, involved in the resume theft, are intentionally defaming, cheating, causing mental stress to the domain investor for more than 6 years,
These security officials are also torturing the domain investor, causing insomnia, great pain, memory loss. The google competitor could not learn driving in goa, because the officials ruthlessly tortured her with microwave weapons causing great pain, severe headache, memory loss, leaving her crippled for a day. She could not get medicine for her mother who was not well, because of the cruel criminal contract killers in goa hired by google, Almost every day , for the last 6 years or more, the harmless engineer has experienced great pain, ruining her health.
Just as google, tata were extremely vicious in defaming, cheating, exploiting and torturing a harmless single woman engineer, google, tata should face the consequences of their financial, domain, online fraud. As these companies and officials do not have the grace, humanity or honesty to admit their mistake or compensate the harmless person whose life they have destroyed, they should be ready for the news of their great fraud to be published.
Google has destroyed the life of a harmless competitor, why does google not have the courage and honesty to face the consequences, media coverage of the online fraud, bribery, sex scandal
Unlike the google, tata, ntro, cbi officials who defamed a harmless single woman engineer, without any proof at all for more than 6 years , the domain investor is aware of the fact that the truth favors her unlike the shameless pathological liar section 420 fraud tata, google, ntro, cbi officials.