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bookmark_borderBullying, exploiting attitude, slander of indian intelligence agencies well known

The professional attitude of indian intelligence agencies is reflecting the way indian society operates, if a person is of high social status, they will treat the person well, and if the person is weaker, they will treat the person badly, cheat and exploit.

For 6 years, the fraud officials tried to get a stake in the business of India’s largest female domain investor for their fraud friends and relatives and failed, so they are ensuring that no webmaster or any person in India will purchase anything from the domain investor, including advertising, though she can offer at the lowest rates in the world. they have also deputed some shameless fraud R&AW/CBI employees like siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak and their associates to ensure that the domain investor does not make any money at all online.

Now the domain investor is complaining on forums , the americans/NSA/CIA blindly believe the complete lies of indian intelligence agencies. The british who ruled India till 1947 are aware of the casteism in India, the hypocrisy, cruelty, dishonesty of brahmins who control the indian internet and tech sector, so they are more tolerant of the criticism, and are willing to believe it. India’s largest female domain investor is fighting a lonely battle against the shameless fraud NTRO, R&AW, CBI, tata, google officials who have been slandering her for more than 6 years now without any proof or having the courage to face her.

India’s neighbouring countries are aware of the way the indian intelligence agencies are operating, the patronizing attitude, the treatment of backward caste, minorities, casteism, discrimination , so they are only persons willing to purchase any advertising on the websites, disregarding the slander of the extremely powerful indian intelligence agencies

bookmark_borderGoan OBC bhandari R&AW employee sunaina’s shameless lovers try to cover up their fraud

The powerful government employees patronizing the goan obc bhandari sex specialist R&AW employee sunaina know that their goan sex partner does not do any work online or spend any money online.
However these indian government officials want the indian government to pay for the sexual favors which sunaina and her associates provide, so they are abusing their powers and falsely claiming that their goan sex partner sunaina, who does not do any work online, owns the domain names and works online. In the process the shameless fraud sex starved indian government employees are ruthlessly defaming, cheating, exploiting the real domain investor.

Now when the obc engineer being exploited by the goan sex specialist R&AW employee sunaina is trying to expose the fact that the lazy goan R&AW employee sunaina does no work online, her powerful sex partners in ntro,tata, google are extremely aggressive in protecting the goan sex specialist, refusing to pay, suspending the account and denying opportunities. Despite revising the content, these fraud sex obsessed indian government employees cannot tolerate any word against their beloved goan sex partner and suspended the account till 26 May 2016

The engineer would like to ask the fraud tata, google, government officials having regular sex with goan obc bhandari sex specialist R&AW employee sunaina, when their goan sex partners R&AW employees siddhi sunaina are least interested in working online, why do these powerful top officials want to falsely claim that their goan sex partners are online experts when they are only sex experts .

Online everyone knows that goan R&AW employee sunaina is just the mistress, lover of powerful men, she is not a domain investor and does not do any work online. Why are R&AW officials making a fool of themselves.

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Kindly note that the shameless fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees, who are allegedly protected, promoted and rewarded by google, tata, goan obc bhandari sex bribe giver slim bsc sunaina chodnekar who sleeps with top officials, goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, indore housewife veena, gujju domain fraudster asmita patel, ruchika, naina, architect kalpana natar and other fraud government employees are not associated with the website in any way at all, because these fraud government employees have not spent a single penny or paisa on the website expenses, have not done any work online and are NOT INTERESTED IN SPENDING ANY MONEY ONLINE.