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Minorities, less privileged in India extremely unhappy

It appears that in the last few years, due to the open discrimination and endless atrocities of security and intelligence agencies on harmless indian citizens, the minorities and less privileged in India like dalits, some obc are becoming extremely unhappy and the resentment levels are at an all time high since the independence. Most of the major parties have ignored the problems, yet now the indian citizens are openly complaining about the discrimination they are facing and there is no one interested in helping them.

The protests in Indian universities in Hyderabad and JNU , the Jat riots in Haryana were only part of the simmering anger which is being ignored. In Punjab unemployment levels are very high. In Goa, Christians are extremely unhappy, and many of them are taking Portuguese passports and leaving the country with Heraldo having multiple advertisements of firms offering help in getting a portuguese passport. Lower caste and less privileged Hindus are more likely to get help and support from minorities compared to upper caste Brahmin hindus who are extremely well networked and ruthless in maintaining their monopoly over positions of power, wealth, often defaming innocent harmless people without any proof at all to exploit them for the rest of their lives.

India’s largest female domain investor, a harmless single woman obc engineer, has been cheated, exploited and tortured in the worst possible manner, yet the government officials involved in the fraud and atrocities not only refuse to admit their mistake, they shamelessly try to exploit her further for their personal gain. These shameless arrogant government employees fail to realize that with their endless frauds, impersonation frauds, lies and human rights abuses they are really damaging the reputation of India