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USA is more humane, liberal and tolerant than India

During the JNU agitation, the government officials argued that USA is a democratic country where anti national slogans are not allowed, to justify the harassment of the students. However, on the internet in USA there are many websites which openly criticize the US government and expose the hitech torture weapons which have been developed by some US companies like the Raytheon pain gun or active denial system, in India almost no website provided information other than those owned by a torture victim.
These weapons are used to only showcase the technology available, the US government was planning to use it in combat zone in Afghanistan, yet recalled this weapons because they may cause public outcry.
However in India for the last 4 years these high tech microwave torture weapons have been used extensively on harmless indian citizens in their home and elsewhere by cruel government officials out of hatred and greed, causing great pain.
The indian government is least interested in regulating the officials who are misusing these high tech weapons on harmless indian citizens in 2016 because these cruel criminal government employees are bribed by large corporates to torture harmless civilians for their corporate goals. There is no public outcry in India though many know of these weapons.