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No compensation for mistakes of CBI,NTRO, R&AW officials

The media reported that a young man, an engineer from IIT bombay, who was injured in an auto accident in Gurgaon was given a compensation of Rs 2 crore for the financial and other losses he would suffer because of the mistake of the other driver. However a brilliant single woman obc engineer whose life has been destroyed by the careless arrogant greedy fraud CBI, NTRO, r&aw, security agency officials allegedly bribed by google, tata cannot even identify the CBI, NTRo, R&AW officials involved in the fraud.

The harmless obc engineer is being tortured daily, defamed as the shameless fraud cbi, NTRO, r&aw officials falsely claim that various housewives, sex bribe givers and cheaters own the domain names, websites and Paypal account, in a cheap and dishonest attempt to defame the obc engineer to please the google, tata officials who are bribing them. The torture of the security agency officials who are misled by the shameless fraud cbi, ntro, R&AW officials almost daily causes great pain, headache, memory loss, insomnia and makes it difficult to lead a normal life,

After sexually harassing,ogling, and torturing the harmless single woman engineer, domain investor for more than 5 years, the incompetent careless cbi, ntro, R&AW officials have failed to find any proof at all to support their extremely malicious and defamatory allegations against the harmless single woman. However the CBI, NTRO, R&AW officials refuse to acknowledge their mistake in defaming, torturing a harmless single woman to offer any compensation. She has also not got any compensation for section 420 cheating fraud of bengaluru brahmin housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar and corporate espionage of siddhi mandrekar.

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