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Shameless top officials false claiming GOAN GSB fraudster siddhi mandrekar is a Paypal account holder

In an indication of how ruthlessly and shamelessly lazy greedy goan GSB FRAUDSTERS in goa are defaming obc engineers, domain investors and Paypal account holder, shameless dishonest NTRO,CBI,R&AW, intelligence and security agency officials are falsely claiming that the lazy greedy goan GSB FRAUDSTER DIPLOMA holder siddhi mandrekar is a paypal account holder to justify giving the lazy greedy INEXPERIENCED goan gsb fraud great powers, allegedly a job in R&AW.
In reality the SHAMELESSS GREEDY GOAN GSB FRAUD siddhi mandrekar has commited corporate espionage on the real Paypal account holder a single woman obc engineer and domain investor. An extremely powerful fraud ntro official puneet, a director of a bengaluru company was extremely happy with the crime, the goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar commited on his obc classmate, and falsely claimed that the lazy greedy goan GSB FRAUD siddhi mandrekar had the impressive resume including Btech 1993 EE degree, paypal account of his obc engineering classmate who he hated.
earlier the shameless fraud powerful GSB RELATIVES of goan gsb fraudster siddhi mandrekar, nayak, mandrekar, in CBI, NTRO,R&AW had made completely fake allegations without any proof at all against the single woman obc engineer, paypal account holder, allegedly bribed by google, tata . After 5 years, these fraud officials cannot find any proof against the innocent obc engineer, they have viciously defamed, yet their lazy greedy FRAUD GSB RELATIVE DIPLOMA HOLDER siddhi mandrekar continues to have great powers, a salary and pension from R&AW, falsely claiming to have the resume of the obc engineer

To all the shameless dishonest GSB,brahmin officials in CBI,NTRO, R&AW, security and intelligence agency why did the pampered lazy greedy SHAMELESS GOAN GSB FRAUD siddhi mandrekar not open her own Paypal account, why does she act like a SECTION 420 FRAUD and falsely claim to own the Paypal account of the obc engineer she commited corporate espionage on,

The news is largely true because GOA’S MOST FAMOUS GSB FRAUD siddhi mandrekar will not contact the publisher to get the news of her great section 420 fraud removed. When will the obc engineer, Paypal account holder get justice